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Special Pride In North Carolina

Hi Virgil,

Several months ago, you were to us just a name and a number in a dusty Randolph County phone book. Now, you are family! At the time we were faced with the tremendous task of cleaning out decades of memories from a large home near the top of a mountain just outside the city limits of Asheboro. Concurrently, we needed to turn the personal assets in the family member’s home into funds for her care. None of us in her family had even been to an estate sale much less hired a company to perform the function. After meeting with you we felt Able Auctions was the best choice. Your enthusiasm and positive attitude gave us confidence. As time went on, it was evident the team you assembled was top notch and this validated our decision. Everyone was a worker and knew their job and did it with smiles on their faces. By the way in private conversations, everyone we talked to had the highest regard for you.

No one knows more than you that the sale went on for three Saturdays. It seemed the house couldn’t stop giving. Anecdotally, some folks thought this was the biggest residential sale in the area as far as number of items offered. In addition, the weather threw all of us a curve on two of the three Saturdays. But, your team met the challenge and did what had to be done. Your wireless computer system, credit card sales capability, food service, and transportation/parking plans backed up your good attitude to achieve a successful sale. Thank you for providing us with an itemized list of all transactions with date, time of sale, description and selling price as well as a list of expenses. Transparency! Brenda, Jeanette and Rhonda did an awesome job on the administrative aspects of this task. How they got all those descriptions so detailed in the rapid auction process blew our minds.

You, Jeanette and Brenda are a wonderful family offering a much needed service. The Able Auction team is a credit to the profession. We recommend Able Auctions without reservation and wish you and your employees the best in the future. On behalf of Betty, Bernie, Phyllis, Sara and myself, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


To Virgil Thomas, Able Auctions
I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for the super job that you and your staff did on my parent's sale. We did not think we had enough to have an auction, much less to have the great sale you did. You have greatly impressed me. Your hard work and great promotion brought in more money than we could have ever dreamed of. You were so very easy to work with and we were impressed by the level of communication you kept up before during and after the sale. I will highly recommend you to anyone who is even thinking of having a sale.
Sincerely, Carol and Doug Harrell


To Whom it may concern.

Paul & Alice Johnston
1710 Rock Creek Dairy Rd.
Whitsett, NC 27377

So you want to have an auction?
How do you choose an auctioneer?
We can help.
My wife and I went through this process in Sept. 06 interviewing auctioneers and trying to decide which was the best choice. After interviewing and getting references on several different auctioneers we chose Virgil Thomas and ABLE AUCTIONS.
That turned out to be a very good choice.
Virgil and Cliff came out and took pictures for the Internet website they provide, the staff boxed up and organized all the things we had to sell.
Not only did he perform as he said he would, he generated more money than we expected.
Virgil gave us a written cost estimate and that is what he charged. Other auctioneers wanted us to write a blank check for expenses with no limits.
We commend the staff of Able Auctions and the efforts they put forth. Cliff, Rhonda, Ken and James conducted themselves in a professional manner at all times as did all the staff on auction day, but we came to know these four the best..
At the end of the auction they cleaned up and left our property in great shape for the new owners.
We are retiring to Costa Rica but if you have any questions feel free to contact us at or call us at 011-506-670-1646

Paul & Alice Johnston