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  • Q: On PODS Auctions, will you be going thru each pod and portioning out items up for bid, or bidding on each PODS contents   as a whole?
    A: When we open the pod unit, I decide at that time as to sell the entire unit or piece by piece.

  • Q: After the highest bid is made does that mean you definitely get the property or can someone out bid you later even after the bidding is closed?
    A: The property (real estate) or personal items from an estate, when the auctioneer says sold, it is sold to the highest bidder. no upset bids.

  • Q: After you place a bid can you change your mind and retract the bid?
    A: The item is sold to the highest bidder, and no you cannot retract the bid. your bid is a contract between you and the auctioneer.

  • Q-Can you pay by check or debit card?
    A- Yes. At this time we do accept debit or credit cards at some auctions. Checks are okay provided they are approved by the Auctioneer.

  • Q- Will they haul it for you.
    A- No we do not offer hauling to anyone, although some of the help may haul it for you, Charges are up to them only.

  • Q- I know everyone bidding is assigned a number, but how do you know what number bought what?
    A-In order to buy at an auction everyone must get a number, when we put a item up for sale, the clerk enters this item into the computer, when the auctioneer say sold to buyer number 10, then enters the price and the buyer number, each number is assigned to a person and all info from their drivers license is recorded along with the assigned number.

  • Q-What happens if I am having an auction and see something offered for sale that I didn't intend to be sold, but I overlooked?
    A-The person having the sale has the right to pull an item from the sale, some auctioneers may charge their fees based on what they think the item would have sold for.

  • Q. Why should I have an auction instead of a yard sale?
    A. Most folks that have a yard sale have no idea what the value of a items is, and price it when asked what they want for it. At an auction there are many people there that know the value, and several people will bid on a item resulting in a higher price.

  • Q. Why auction a house instead of contracting with a real estate agent?
    A. Selling real estate at auction has several buyers bidding against one another resulting in a price acceptable to the seller. Also selling at auction can put the monies in your hand in approx 45 days.

  • Q. What does "Absolute" mean?
    A. Absolute means that all items sold at auction must be sold to the highest bidder regardless of price that was bid.

  • Q. What does "Reserve" mean?
    A. Reserve means that an item will not be sold below a fixed price that the owner has asked for. (example, seller has a tractor that he has priced at $4000.00 and will not take anything less)

  • Q. What is a "Buyers Premium"?
    A. A buyers premium is a set percent that the auctioneer tacks on to the bid price. (example you bid $100.00 for an item when you pay for it you owe $110.00.) * Note if a buyers premium is charged the auctioneer must advertise it.

  • Q. How does one become an auctioneer?
    A. State law requires anyone interested in becoming an auctioneer to have 2 week of schooling an an accredited auctioneer school, or work as an apprentice with a licensed auctioneer for a min of 200 hrs in all phases of the auction business.

  • Q- What is an Absentee Bid?
    A- An Absentee Bid is bid left by someone on a certain items, that could not attend the auction.

  • Q. I see a big trailer at the auctions. Is that just for advertising.
    A. When you see a large trailer at an auction it is used to haul the equipment needed to do an auction and house an office for passing out bid cards and registering the folks that are attending the auction.