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Special Pride In North Carolina

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Living Estate of J.D. Staley At Julian Lions Club, Julian, NC
7323 Colonial Trading Path Rd
Julian, NC


From I-85 Take Exit 126 (Sanford Exit) go to Hwy 62 TL to Liberty Rd TR ½ mi. TR at Julian Post Office Sale on Left.
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Partial Listing
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(1)-Rock Island, Mdl. M1911A2 22/9mm, Target Combo.

(2)-Ruger, Mdl. 22/45 MK111
.22 LR Target.

(3)-Sig Sauer, Mdl. P290RS-9-EDC-XTM, 9mm.

(4)-FN, FNS9 9mm, 3 Mags.

(5)-Springfield, XDS, 45ACP, 3 Mags.W/Holster.

(*)(6)-FN, MDL, Five-Seven N, 5.7 x 28, 4 Mags.

(7)-Colt, Mdl. 1991A1, 45 ACP, Compact.

(8)-S&W, Mdl. 6906, Stainless Steel.

(9)-Ruger, Mdl. Single Six, .22LR/ 22 Mag.

(10)-Beretta, Mdl. 92 FS, 9mm.

(11)-H&R, Mdl.733, 32 S&W, Revolver.

(12)-S&W, Mdl. Top Break, 32 S&W, Nickel.

(*)(13)-Kimber, Mdl. Custom PRO-CDP, 45 ACP, Pachmayr/Wood Grips.

(14)-Springfield, Mdl. 1911-A1, National Match, 45 ACP, Millett Sights Scope, Speed Trigger.

(15)-Glock, Mdl. 36, 45 ACP, 3 Mags.

(16)-Browning, Mdl. High Power, 40 S&W. Pactmayr Grips/SS.

(17)-Springfield, Mdl. SA/XB, 45 ACP. O D Green.

(*)(18)-UZI, Mdl. IMI, 9 mm. 3 Mags

(19)-H&K, Mdl. USP 45, 45 ACP.

(20)-S&W, Mdl. M&P 45, 45 ACPW/Extra Threaded Barrel.

(21)-Beretta, Mdl. 86 FS/Cheetah, 380.

(22)-Colt, Mdl. Super 38, 38 Mag.
Original Mag.

(23)-Ruger, Mdl. Black Hawk, 30 Carbine, Single Action Revolver.

(24)-Amadeo Rossi, Mdl. M 88, 38 Special, Revolver.

(25)-Colt, Mdl. Mustang MK/IV, Series 80, 380 ACP. Stainless Steel.

(26)-Ithaca, Mdl. M 1911 A1, 45 ACP, US Army.

(27)-S&W, Mdl. 640, 357 Mag. SS.

(28)-Walther, Mdl. PPK/S, 380 ACP. SS.

(29)-Browning, Mdl. BD A, 380 ACP. Made in Italy.

(30)-S&W, Mdl. 29-2, 44 Mag, 6 Inch, Nickel Barrel.

( 31)-Glock, Mdl. G 17, 9mm, Al Arrington Team Glock Threaded Barrel.

(32)-Glock, Mdl. G 42, 380 ACP.

(33)-Ruger, Mdl. Super Red Hawk
44 Mag. 9.5 inch Barrel, SS.

(34)-NAA, Mdl. BSBWP, 22 LR, W/Belt Buckle/Pearl Lite Grips.

(35)-S&W, Mdl. 38, Double Action 4th Model, 38 S&W, Top Brake/Square Butt.

(36)-Ruger, Mdl. Red Hawk, 44 Mag, 7.5 inch SS.

(37)-S&W, Mdl. 4586, 45 ACP, SS.

( 38)-Sig Sauer, Mdl. P 229, 357 Sig/40 S&W, 2 Barrels. SS.

(39)-S&W, Mdl. 1076, 10mm SS/3 Mags.

(40)-S&W, Mdl 3913, 9mm, Stainless Steel/ 2 Mag.

(41)-INTERATEC, Mdl. TEC-9, 9mm, 6 Mag. Zipper Case.

(42)-Browning, Mdl. High Power, 9mm, Adj. Sights.

(43)-Ruger, New Mdl Black Hawk Conv. 357 Mag/9mm.

(44)-Jennings, Mdl. J 22, 22 LR Chrome.

( 45)-Glock, Mdl. 27, 40 S&W. 2 Mags.

(46)-Beretta, Mdl. 84 F/Cheetah, 380 ACP.

(47)-PARA, Mdl. 1911 Expert, 45 ACP.

(48)-Beretta, Mdl. 86, 380 ACP
(49)-Beretta, Mdl. 950 BS, 25 ACP.
Gold Plate Tip Up Barrel.

(50)-Beretta, Mdl. 70 S, 380 ACP, Italy.

(51)-Springfield, Mdl. XD-9, 9mm.

(*)(52)-Walther, Mdl. PP, 32/7.65mm, Holster, 2 Mag.

(53)-S&W, Mdl. SW 380, 380 ACP, 2 Mag.

(54)-S&W, Mdl. 19-3, 375 Mag, Nickel.

(55)-S&W, Mdl. 5906, 9mm, SS.

(56)-S&W, Mdl. 5906, 9mm, SS.

(57)-S&W, Mdl. 4046, 40 S&W,SS.

(58)-Springfiled, Mdl. XD-45, 45 ACP. W/Holster, 2 Mags.

(59)-FEG. Mdl. 74, 32 ACP Walther Copy/ 2 Mags.

(*)(60)-Savage, Mdl. 111, 338 La Pua Mag.

( 61)-Winchester, Mdl. 70, 7mm Remington Mag, Leupold 3x9 Vari-x, 11. Stainles Steel Boss.

( 62)-Savage, Mdl. 112, 22-250 Remington, Tasco 6x24x44 SS

(*)(63)-Colt Sauer, Mdl. Magnum, 7mm Remington Mag. W/ Redfield 3x9 Made in W. Germany.

(64)-Ruger, Mdl. M 77, 270 Winchester, Bushnell 3x9x32, Waterproof.

(65)-Remington, Mdl. 700, 30-06 Springfield, Kmart 4x32, All Pro.

(66)-Browning, 308 Winchester, Lever Action, Belgium.

(67)-Marlin, Mdl. 1894 S, 44 Remington Mag. Lever Action.

(68)-Stevens, Mdl. 110 E, Series K, 270 Wichester, Tasco 3x9x50 Waterproof.

(69)-Remington, Mdl. 700, 300 Remington, Short Action, Ultra Mag. Burris 3x9 Full Field 11.

(70)-IMI UZI, Mdl. B, 9mm, Carbine in Box W/Sling, UZI Zipper Case W/Extra Mags.

(71)-Inland, Mdl. M1, 30 Cal. Carbine, 1942.

(*)(72)-Beretta, Mdl. C x4 Storm, 45 ACP, Cmore Red Dot/Barsk, Green Laser, Carbine W/Forearm Grip, W/Soft & Hard Case.

( 73)-Ruger, Mdl. Mini 30, 7.62 X 39, Carbine.

(74)-Ruger, Mdl. Mini 14, Ranch Rifle, 223 Cal. Stainless Steel.

(75)-Marlin, Mdl. 336CS, 30-30 Winchester, Norinco 4x32 Lever Action.

(76)-Winchester, Mdl. 9422 M, 22 Winchester Mag. Lever Action.

(77)-Winchester, Mdl. 1894 Legendary Frontiersman, 38-55 Winchester, Lever Action.

(78)-Winchester, Mdl. 94 Under Six Flags-Texas Lone Star Commemorative. 30-30 Winchester, Lever Action.

( 79)-Marlin, Mdl. 94, 3840 Cal. Lever Acton W/Octagon Barrel.

(80)-Browning, Mdl. A-Bolt, 22 Magnum, Tasco 3, 9x32 Golden Antler.

( 81)-Marlin, Mdl. Camp 9, 9mm, Semi Auto Carbine.

(82)-Savage, Mdl. B-Mag, 17 Winchester Super Mag, Leupold 3x9 Vari-X 11.

(83)-Browning, Mdl. Take Down, 22 LR, Simmons 3x9x32 Waterproof.

(84)-Century Arms, Mdl. Mosin Nagant, 7.62 x 54 R, Made in 1937.

(85)-Churchill, By Kassner, Mdl. Regent VI, 12 Ga. S x S, NIB.

(86)-Baikal, Mdl. IZH 43, Bounty Hunter 11, 410 Ga. S X S. Russia.

(87)-Maverick Mossburg, Mdl. 88, 12 Ga. 18.5 In. Barrel, Pump.

(88)-Ithaca, Mdl 37, Weather Lite Deer Slayer. 12 Ga. 20 In. Barrel Pump.

(89)-Remington, Mdl. Express, 12 Ga. 27.5 in. Ribbed Barrel, Screw in Choke, Pump.

(90)-Remington, Mdl. 870 Express Mag. 12 Ga. 27.5 in. Ribbed Barrel Screw in Choke, Pump.

(91)-Remington, Mdl. 1100, 20 Ga. 24.5 in. Barrel, Auto.

(92)-Remington, Mdl. 870 Mag. (The Mississippi) 12 Ga., 32 In. Ribbed Barrel,
(Ducks Unlimited) Pump.

( 93)-Remington, Mdl. 870 Wing Master, 20 Ga. 28 In. Pump.

(94)-Ithaca, Mdl. 61 Feather Lite, 20 Ga. 3 In. Mag. 27.5 in. Ripped Barrel ,, Pump.

(95)-LC Smith, Mdl. Ideal Grade Hunter, One Trigger, 12 Ga, SXS, Pat. May 28 1901 London Steel Barrels.

(96)-SKB, Mdl. 500, 12 Ga. Over/Under. 26 In. Ribbed Barrel, Single Trigger.

(97)-Western Arms Co, 12 Ga. Single Barrel, 27.5 in Barrel, Triplett Steel.

(98)-Browning, Mdl. Light Weight Double Auto, 12 Ga. CUTTS Lyman Choke, Belguim Autumn Brown.

(99)-Anderson, Mdl. AR-15,
 5.56 Cal. 16 in. Flat Top W/Carry Handle, Collapsable Stock.

(100)-Colt, AR-15, Mdl. Sporter Match, Hbar, 223 Cal. Adjustable Sights.

(101)-Colt AR 15, Sporter Lite Weight. 5.56/223 Cal. 16 In Barrel, Adjustable Sights, Coll. Stock.

( 102)-Moores Machine Co. Mdl. M4, 5.56 Cal. 20 In. Colt Upper.

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